[Etude Symantec] Mobile terminals and security: Are companies ill-prepared?

by bold-lichterman

How have businesses prepared for data security risks on mobile devices? How many have implemented a policy dedicated to mobility? Questions that motivate study conducted by Symantec, with 6,000 companies in 43 countries. Symantec is one of the leading providers of security solutions.

Etude Symantec Mobile terminals and security Are companies ill prepared

The study – titled State Of Mobility Survey – reveals a rather relative awareness of the real risks in terms of security and protection of information: loss of the device, spam, viruses, etc. The use of smartphones and mobile applications – increasingly preferred to use browser – is a risk factor poorly measured by the various respondents.

The publisher of the anti-virus Norton has therefore identified a security market that goes hand in hand with the arrival of new terminals. He also highlighted the real issues related to the use of mobiles, tablets and other terminals in the company, which go through the control of the infrastructure, the protection of the information itself, and that of the identity. in general.

Interview with Laurent Heslaut, Director of Security Strategies, Symantec Western Europe

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