[Etude] Security: a new eldorado for mobile publishers?

by bold-lichterman

The latest BVA – Synthec Numérique innovation barometer focused in April on data security on mobile devices.

We thus learn that only 19% of the 1019 French people surveyed believe that sensitive data (medical, banking information, etc.), which is increasingly circulating on the mobile Internet in parallel with the increase in the use of these media, is protected. A rate which increases among young people and senior executives (respectively 35% and 29%).

The more people surveyed are familiar with the use of mobile devices, the stronger the trust reveals the barometer: 29% of owners of smartphones and tablets and 48% of m-commerce enthusiasts trust smartphones and tablets to ensure security personal data.

73% of French people make security a decisive purchasing criterion for mobile devices

Finally, we note that the security of personal information is one of the determining criteria for 73% of respondents when buying a smartphone or tablet. This suggests Bruno Vanryb, president of the Editors College of Syntec Digital, that security could become in the future an “eldorado for designers of smartphone applications. “

Bruno Vanryb thus considers the computer security sector as “one of the most promising niches” for publishers. Security could, according to him, be a game-changer for publishers of mobile applications, more often focused on games, entertainment or media applications, and establish itself as an economic model in its own right.

More information on the BVA site.

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