[Etude] Overview of the uses of tablonauts around the world

by bold-lichterman

InMobi and Mobext yesterday published a study on the uses of tablets in France and internationally. A total of 5 countries were scrutinized: France, the United States, Great Britain, South Korea and India. The study is based on a panel of 8,400 people and was carried out between January and April.

This reveals in particular that among tablet users, 36% would in no way want to be separated from them, 23% admit that they have changed the way they communicate with those around them, and 50% willingly share it with their family and / or or friends.

French tablonauts spend more than 7 hours a day on the web, two hours more than smartphone owners who, for their part, stay connected for around 5:20 a day, all digital media combined.

Tablet owners mainly use it for be entertained (81%), seek information (81%) or go shopping (69%). Nearly 40% of French tablonauts would, moreover, make online purchases each month from their tablet.

The study also shows that tablets have a real impact on reading the press, with more than 30 minutes spent each day on news sites for each user. They have also shaken up shopping habits, since 46% of tablonauts say they prefer to shop on their tablets (against 41% for computers and 9% for mobiles).

Other points are discussed in this publication, such as mobile trends, the evolution of media consumption or even m-commerce.

According to recent forecasts by the firm IDC, 107.4M tablets are expected to be sold in 2012, and 142.8M in 2013.