[Etude] Online marketing games

by bold-lichterman

Uses of online marketing games, profile of participants, trends for 2012 … A recent survey conducted by La Fabrique à Jeux et à Buzz has endeavored to draw up an inventory of the various challenges of this marketing lever.

Etude Online marketing gamesThe study thus shows that:

  • 70% of advertisers use the game tool to collect optin contacts.
  • Marketing games are used by 45% of advertisers for branding or awareness purposes.
  • 40% adopt them to create traffic on their site or in store, or to launch a new product.

Regarding the participants:

  • 45% are in the 26-45 age group. Only 11% are between 18 and 25 years old.
  • 86% live in the provinces.
  • 54% of the participants are women.

In 2012 :

  • Facebook should accentuate more than ever the virality phenomenon specific to online marketing games, thanks in particular to its formidably effective partnership mechanisms. (The Internet user can invite their Facebook ” friends ” to play via a dedicated button and each participant can share the information ” I have played this application ” on their wall.)
  • The marketing game will definitely be mobile. Given the very dynamic market for smartphones and tablets, marketing game mobility is expected to gain more and more ground over the next 12 months.

La Fabrique à Jeux et à Buzz carried out this study based on the analysis of operations organized for its customers in 2010 and 2011 (aufeminin.com, EDF, Havas / Air France, PriceMinister, Promod, SFR, or even ViaMichelin , etc) The survey also covers the analysis of the profile of a random selection of one million participants.