[Etude] NICT managers favor mobile media and the online press for information

by bold-lichterman

78% of NICT managers consult the online press for information and the latter favor mobile devices above all. Here are the main lessons from annual survey conducted by the Eurocom Worldwide agency and relayed on the Offer Media site.

Etude NICT managers favor mobile media and the online press

In detail, this international study, based on a panel of 318 respondents, tells us that 42% of those questioned obtain information via social networks, while 40% consult the specialized paper press and 38% opt for digital systems. alerts and RSS feeds.

However, the generalist paper press is still in great demand since 37% of respondents say they get information via the traditional paper press. The survey also specifies that 70% of respondents read a professional press magazine at least once a month, while 40% consult it at least once a week.

In terms of media, laptops (83%) and mobiles (61%) appear as the most used devices. The study underlines, however, the great breakthrough of tablets and in particular iPads, requested by 30% of NICT executives questioned, against only 16% the previous year. The use of tablets has, for the first time, exceeded that of desktop computers, used by 27% of respondents. The use of e-readers, on the other hand, remains much more marginal, affecting barely 3% of those surveyed.