[Etude] Mobile phones: first source of complaints to telecoms

by bold-lichterman

According to a study published by the Telecoms Users Association (Afutt), complaints about mobile phones have increased significantly (+ 11% in one year).

Indeed, according to this annual observatory, these complaints now represent 53% of all those received by the association in 2011, against 42% in 2010. Mobile phones have therefore become the first source of complaints to telecoms, ahead of the fixed internet.

Etude Mobile phones first source of complaints to telecoms

In detail, in 2011, the organization collected a total of 4190 consumer complaints, with respectively 2222 complaints for mobile, 1597 for the Internet and 371 for landline. These figures must however be put into perspective since, as underlined The echoes, France had nearly 68M mobile customers in 2011 compared to 22M fixed Internet subscribers.

1606069989 367 Etude Mobile phones first source of complaints to telecomsThe complaints relating to mobiles are explained in particular by a lack of transparency, the multiplication of the offers offered, and by the complexity of the price schedules. Poor use of 3G abroad would also be an important factor. According to the study, complaints directed against MVNOs represent a significant portion (18%) of total complaints, while these virtual operators represent only 10% of the French mobile fleet.

Cited in The echoes, François Cuinat, the electronic communications mediator explains that the arrival of Free mobile has had no impact on the number of complaints filed since the beginning of the year. On the contrary, the approach of a new player on the market would have had a positive impact on the offers of the incumbent operators.

As for the complaints related to the fixed Internet, these show a clear decrease. Indeed, in 2011, they no longer represented 38% of total complaints, against 45% in 2010. However, the observatory underlines a sharp increase in complaints concerning the installation and delivery of boxes.