[Etude] Mobile inventory in France

by bold-lichterman

Uses, applications, mobile web, OS war, manufacturers, new technologies… The Dagobert agency has once again looked into the mobile market in France.

A real inventory, this study covering the 1st half of 2012 is presented in the form of slideshare. The strategy department of the digital communication agency has thus compiled a battery of market studies, summarized in 70 slides, in order to offer a vision riddled with figures, relevant and clear of the French sector in this area.

This panorama is structured around three main axes: Dashboards which offer key market indicators on equipment, uses and technologies. Focus on mobile search, geolocation and social networks or even QR codes and NFC. Behavior under the microscope which bring together data from key market publishers. And finally, The expert eye which gives voice to experts in several fields.

Here are the main statistics highlighted in the first part:

Key figures

  • 85% of French people have a mobile
  • 40% of French people own a smartphone (+ 27% within 6 months)
  • 73% of smartphone owners are considered mobile users
  • 77% of smartphone owners have unlimited internet on them
  • Samsung is the leader in France on the mobile and smartphone market
  • Android, leader, holds 34.5% of the smartphone OS market share in France
  • Google, Facebook, Orange are the most visited sites in France from mobiles
  • Google, Youtube and iTunes are the most popular mobile applications
  • 77% of smartphone owners go to social networks at least once a month from their mobile
  • Mobile users have an average of 27 applications installed on their smartphone
  • Mobile users use an average of 11 applications
  • IOS apps represent 60% of paid apps
  • 75% of smartphone owners use their mobile in store
  • 53% are ready to pay with their mobile in store
  • 89% of cell phone owners have already seen a QR code
  • 42% have already scanned
  • 45% of cell phone owners know NFC technology
  • 51% have used it
  • 50% of mobile owners know augmented reality technology
  • Only 15% have used it