[Etude] Médiamétrie draws the robot portrait of the tablonaut

by bold-lichterman

As part of a morning of reflection organized by Le Geste (Group of online content and service publishers), Mediametry looked for the first time on the uses and profile of tablonauts. As its name suggests, this neologism designates tablet users, numbering 1.7 million in France, up 23% in one year. The study conducted by the institute is based on a survey carried out among a panel of nearly 1000 main iPad users.

Etude Mediametrie draws the robot portrait of the tablonaut

According to the first results of the study, the tablonaut is therefore: an urban man (68%) (59%) belonging to the CSP + (53%) and between 35 and 49 years old (33%).

Based on this data, the study then pointed out the main differences that distinguish the profile of a mobile user and that of a tablonaut. The survey thus underlines a large over-representation of men among tablonauts (70% against 57% of mobile users). Tablet users are also older: 30% of them are between 35 and 49 years old, compared to 24% of mobile users. Tablonauts also belong more to CSP + (47% against 34% for mobile users). Finally, the concentration of tablonauts (30%) in the Paris region is much more marked than for smartphone users (25%).

Among the other lessons to be learned, the survey shows how sedentary “consumption” of tablets is. Indeed, the use of the iPad is done mainly at home (92%). Far behind, use in the workplace comes second (25%). Another characteristic: the use of an iPad is much less exclusive than a smartphone: 33% of main users declare that within the same household two people use a single tablet. In 24% of cases, the use of the tablet would concern at least 3 people. The study finally looked at the typical day of tablonauts and shows that the majority of iPad users (65%) surf on their tablet between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m.