[Etude] Less than half of French people trust news sites

by bold-lichterman

Ipsos has just published the results of his Profiling 2011 study. As in previous years, the survey focuses on analyzing the latest web trends and new forms of connection. This time around, the 2011 edition also adds the dimension of “trust” that Internet users can have in the various sites.

Etude Less than half of French people trust news sites

Here are the main results of this study:

  • Among the 36.6M French Internet users, 58% are multi-daily users, and 80% are considered to be online shoppers. That is to say respective increases of more than 4M and 6.5M in 2 years.
  • 34% of French people are equipped with a smartphone. Holders download an average of 27 applications, geolocation, practical services and news.
  • Only 5% of French people are equipped with tablets. 63% of connections from this medium are made at home and 45% with family or friends. The tablet therefore clearly appears as a tool in the private sphere.

Regarding the confidence index, French Internet users seem to attribute more credit to sites linked to traditional media. Indeed,

  • 53% say they trust sites attached to radio and TV channels.
  • 47% say they trust news sites.
  • Next come classifieds sites at 31%, followed by community sites at 21%.

This study was carried out on the basis of two surveys carried out twice a year. Almost 13,500 people were surveyed. The online collection took place from March 23 to July 11. A next wave of investigation should start on October 6.