[Etude] Is the concept of Smart TV still unclear for the French?

by bold-lichterman

Mediametry just published a study on the uses and perception of connected television in France. Main lesson of this qualitative survey: the concept of “Smart TV” would still remain relatively vague for the French.

Etude Is the concept of Smart TV still unclear for

Indeed, the results of this study show that consumers still find it difficult to imagine what a real Smart TV is, apart from catch-up TV and VOD that their boxes and boxes already allow them to. use.

Among the main factors mentioned by Médiamétrie to explain this lack of understanding:

  • An unclear offer and still unstructured services.
  • The price of Smart TV equipment is still too high for households, most of which have recently renewed their equipment.
  • And finally, the added value perceived in terms of services and uses is too low.

However, if the concept of connected TV is still rather vague and little integrated in homes, Smart TV should quickly find its place in the daily life of the French. Indeed, according to another Médiamétrie study, the number of daily contacts with the media continues to increase and, according to statistics, today no screen cannibalizes another.

So, to interest French consumers, smart TV will have to differentiate itself by providing new services, while remaining faithful to its fun and family dimension. Connected TV must therefore enhance its screen comfort, without forgetting to emphasize interactivity.

This expectation in terms of interactivity has already been emphasized in a study carried out by the Iligo agency. However, unlike Médiamétrie, the survey published last February, for its part, considered that the French were definitely ready and mature to welcome the new connected TV services. The latest Simavalec forecasts they are counting on an explosion in this market. Indeed, according to the union of the main manufacturers present on the French market, connected TVs should represent 40% of sales in 2012. Will the Smart TV therefore succeed in quickly inviting itself into the living room of the French?