[Etude] High-tech stars at the foot of the tree

by bold-lichterman

The firm GfK has just published its sales forecasts for technology products for the end of year celebrations. With 400,000 units planned, the tablets should achieve a remarkable breakthrough. A performance that should allow these terminals to rank in 4th position in terms of turnover. TV screens, laptops and smartphones should also be among the “flagship” high-tech products at the foot of the tree.

Etude High tech stars at the foot of the tree

In details:

  • Tablets should arrive in 11th position in terms of volume for the month of December. But, it is in turnover that their growth should be the most remarkable, with a result close to the € 165M expected over this period.
  • In this context of growing sales of tablets, portable microcomputers should still keep their second place, generating a turnover of over € 300M, or even € 350M if Netbooks are included in this calculation.
  • Still in terms of turnover, smartphones arrive on the 3rd step of the podium. This category should even take the 1st step in terms of volume, with almost 1.7M units planned for December.
  • LCD & Plasma TVs are still on the rise. Indeed, this category should occupy the first place in the ranking in terms of turnover and the second step of the podium in terms of the number of units sold.
  • Finally, despite their absence from the ranking of star Christmas technological products, the GfK institute recalls that sales of e-readers have increased significantly in France this year. “Around 92,000 e-readers will be sold in 2011, compared to only 27,000 in 2010”.
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