[Etude] High tech: 9.4 million multi-equipped households in France

by bold-lichterman

GfK Consumer Choices yesterday published the 2012 report and the 2013 outlook for technical goods markets in France.

multi equipment
The latter reviews the results of the main consumer electronics markets in France: TV, images, audio, smartphones and IT. Here are the main trends from this report.

Tablet sales explode

There were 10M units sold on the computer hardware market in 2012 (PCs, tablets and monitors). Tablets dominate sales, with 3.6M units sold, representing 140% growth. The notebook market has, meanwhile, experienced a more difficult year with a decline of 9% to 3.8M units sold.

The firm also emphasizes that the rise of the tablet has been accompanied by a wave of multi-equipment in homes. There are now 9.4M multi-equipped households with micro-computers, against 5.2M three years earlier.

Finally, the average price of tablets collapsed by -22% to € 325, while the price of the PC has, for the first time, increased by + 2% to € 575.

gfk tablets

720 million smartphones sold in 2012 around the world

Smartphone sales increased 50% over the year. Of the 720M sold in 2012, more than 100M were sold in Western Europe (+ 25%). In France, sales increased by 18% to 13.5M units.

GfK foresees, for this year 2013, a surge in sales of mobile phones or smartphones without subscription (15% of mobile phone sales in 2012). It also expects 23M units sold, 2/3 of which will be smartphones.

Michael Mathieu, Image & Telecom Director at GfK Consumer Choices France, concludes: “Expectations will be mainly focused on the deployment of 4G without forgetting the arrival of the first flexible screens: what (re) become unreasonable? “