[Etude] French women are more and more fond of smartphones

by bold-lichterman

Women are increasingly connecting to the mobile internet. This is what a study by Mediametry as part of the publication of mobile audience figures for the month of November 2012.

women-smartphoneAccording to the firm, last November, 43.7% of people who connected to a site or a mobile application were women. They would now be a million more than a year ago.

This development could be explained in particular by the strong growth in the equipment of women with smartphones: in the 3rd quarter of 2012, nearly half of women (49.4%) using a mobile phone were equipped, against 39.5 % in the 1st quarter of 2012.

Médiamétrie specifies, moreover, that Samsung and Nokia are the preferred brands for women. Android, for its part, as the operating system most requested by this population.

Regarding their uses, the study indicates that “women mobile users are particularly in affinity with the sites of the sub-category” Family / Parents “and” Children / Games and toys “since they represent respectively 62.2% and 59, 5% of the audience of these sub-categories ”. In addition, 57% of the mobile audience of specialized women’s portals would be drawn by women.

In terms of rankings, few changes. Google (16.2M VU), Facebook (15.4M VU) and Youtube (11.4M VU), monopolize the top 3 of the most visited sites over the period.

In terms of applications, iTunes, Google and Youtube are on the top three steps of the podium. In 12th position, AlloCiné accounts for 1.8M VU. Facebook, for its part, only arrives at 16th place with 1.23M VU. Instagram barely entered the top 20 by placing itself in 19th position, with 1.2M VU.