[Etude] French companies are struggling to get into the Cloud

by bold-lichterman

The IT security specialist, Symantec, just published a study on the pace of cloud computing adoption by businesses. Main observation: the march is still long. Indeed, according to the study:

Etude French companies are struggling to get into the Cloud

  • Only 12% to 24% of IT managers surveyed said they use this technology, which allows data to be managed remotely from the Internet.
  • Between 13% and 27% of French companies are simply not considering adopting this new model of IT management.
  • But, 73 to 83% study the different forms of this technology.
  • A minority, between 14 and 18% depending on the type of cloud considered, estimated that its staff were extremely well prepared.
  • And, 50% of companies said their IT people weren’t ready yet.
  • Among the converted companies, only 52% would be satisfied with the cost reductions brought about by this technology.
  • Finally, even if 91% of French companies surveyed believe that the switch to cloud computing will not affect security, or even improve it, security remains a major concern when switching to cloud computing.

Despite the results of this study, the Pierre Audoin Consultants firm forecasts double-digit annual growth in this market in France, which should reach 1.5 billion euros in 2014.

The study was carried out between April and July 2011. The survey is based on 5,300 responses collected in 38 countries.