[Etude] Focus on m-commerce practices in France

by bold-lichterman

Portraits, uses, purchasing behavior, brakes… Research Now has just published the results of a study carried out on behalf of Experian Marketing Services. A real inventory of cross-channel distribution in France, the survey highlights that 86% of respondents conduct online research before purchasing and also offers a real focus on the rise of m-commerce.

Etude Focus on m commerce practices in FranceThe study tells us that 16% of people surveyed have already made a purchase from their mobile in the past twelve months. Among mobile users who have already bought, those under 25 are over-represented while those over 55 are clearly under-represented. According to the survey, two sectors are pioneers in the use of m-commerce. Thus, 50% of m-shoppers have already bought cultural goods while 44% have already bought clothing products on mobile.

Despite the democratization of m-commerce, the study also looked at the obstacles to mobile purchasing. Inaccessibility to the Internet from mobile devices thus appears as the first obstacle (59%). The survey also noted a lack of mastery of mobile functionality by their users (24%) as well as a lack of knowledge of the mobile internet universe (27%). Ergonomics is also identified as a obstacle to m-commerce. Indeed, 11% of those equipped mention the uncomfortable aspect of mobile navigation as the main obstacle. Finally, fears related to the security of online payment apply as much, if not more, to mobile phones than to computers. Thus, 59% of respondents say they have never bought with their mobile for security reasons.

The study also highlights the role of mobile as a purchasing vector. In fact, 10% of respondents said “they used their cell phone to check prices online and check that they were getting the best possible deal while in store about to make a purchase”. This practice is observed in particular among respondents aged 25 to 34 and among the wealthiest respondents whose income is between 50,000 and 80,000 euros per year.