[Etude] Facebook, mobile, video: How do teens communicate today?

by bold-lichterman

The Ericsson Group ConsumerLab Observatory conducted a study in the United States – between June and November – on the behavior of adolescents linked to the use of mobile devices. The study interviewed nearly 2,000 people, from a representative sample of 20 million adolescents aged 13 to 17. What to remember:

  • The current use of texting and Facebook has changed the dynamics of dating. On average, American teens have 265 friends on the social network. The change from Facebook status from “single” to “in a relationship” is now seen by others as an official declaration.
Etude Facebook mobile video How do teens communicate today
  • When a one-on-one meeting isn’t possible, teens resort to texting. Voice calls are seen by teens as more suitable for adults. 53% of those questioned affirm that the duration of the calls does not exceed 4 minutes.
  • The ownership rate of smartphones and conventional mobiles is the same among 17 year olds, while the desire to own a smartphone is much stronger among 13 year olds when they do not already have one. .
  • Video is a major use among teens, who are 83% to use the video-chat at least once a week, and after school.

Ann-Charlotte Kornblad, Senior Consultant at Ericsson ConsumerLab: “ As they get older, adolescents begin to use the same communication tools as adults. Of course, they continue to use “their” tools: texting, Facebook and video chat, but they are gradually realizing the need to use email or voice as well. “.

Read the full study.