[Etude] E-commerce trends among 11-24 year olds

by bold-lichterman

Media Offer published this morning a study conducted by the Kantar Media Institute on Digital Natives. This survey focused in particular on analyzing online shopping practices among 11-24 year olds. An activity that concerns nearly 43% of this population.

Etude E commerce trends among 11 24 year oldsThe study reveals in particular that:

  • The massive entry into e-commerce practices takes place between 14 and 15 years.

Most popular products are: clothes (38%), books (28%), shoes (24%), video games (23%), movies and series (23%), then singles and music albums (23%) ). On the other hand, the press, high-tech and hygiene products and cinema tickets are much more neglected by this age group.

Boys are a little more active when it comes to online shopping than girls. So, 46% of boys aged 11-24 buy on the internet compared to 41% of girls.

  • Digital natives are proving to be true followers of new e-commerce models.

Thus, private sales, auction sites, group purchases and classified ads are requested by 62% of online buyers aged 11-24.

Among these different models, private sales are very successful. Indeed, 11-24 year olds are almost three times more likely than 25 and over to use this online purchasing method, which represents 11% of all their purchases. Online auctions are also doing well. game. Thus, more than 33% of online shoppers between 11 and 24 years old buy or sell through this channel.

On the other hand, 11-24 year olds are less inclined to m-commerce than their elders. Thus, only 9% of those equipped with smartphones make purchases from this terminal.

The survey was conducted online with a sample of 4,200 young people aged 11 to 24, residing in France