[Etude] App publishers pinned down by mobile users

by bold-lichterman

StarDust, website and mobile application tester, has just published the first figures of an ongoing study on the quality of applications developed on smartphone. For the moment, the results of this survey point the finger at publishers in particular. Indeed, out of more than 500 users surveyed:

Etude App publishers pinned down by mobile users

  • 81.4% blame publishers for an application that does not work.
  • 46.7% say, however, that they are more tolerant of the quality of free applications.
  • 76.5% of mobile users admit to being influenced by comments posted on online application stores.
  • Finally, 43.7% of the users surveyed believe that the insufficient quality of an application significantly harms the image of the brand.
In order to extend this survey to establish a more relevant inventory, StarDust invites you to respond to its online questionnaire.