[Etude] 72% of Internet users seek a privileged relationship with brands

by bold-lichterman

Performics has just published the 4th edition of its “Social Highlights” study, which analyzes the expectations of Internet users, brands, and their uses of social media. The study confirms the definitive adoption of social media by Internet users but also underlines the desire of consumers to forge real relationships with brands through this channel. The details.

Etude 72 of Internet users seek a privileged relationship withInternet users are more and more familiar with social media. Thus, 81% of them know and use Facebook’s privacy settings. And, among the early adopters, 51% of them say they learned about Google+ barely 3 months after its launch. More interestingly, 15% say they are active there, while the platform is known for its meteoric growth in the number of subscribers but for its low activity.

On their side, brands are definitely more present on networks and mobile platforms, with respectively +16 points and +13 points of change between 2010 and 2011. The budgets allocated to this channel should also all increase. However, few brands use performance measurement tools.

In terms of interaction between these two entities, Internet users are still primarily seeking promotions or various offers. However, 72% say they want to build a special relationship with brands.

The study finally returns to the concept of SoLoMo, the latest trend at the moment, and notes, paradoxically, a relatively moderate use of geolocation services offered by brands.