[Etude] 30% of French people ready to use their mobile to pay for their purchases?

by bold-lichterman

KPMG has just published its fifth global survey on consumer trends in new technologies. Baptized “Global Consumers & Convergence: the Converged Lifestyle”, the study notably offers a focus on the rise of smartphones and tablets and their impacts in multiple areas.

Etude 30 of French people ready to use their mobile

The survey tells us that, worldwide, 66% of people questioned would now like to be able to use their mobile phone as an electronic wallet. 52% also indicate having used m-banking services in the last six months, compared to 19% in 2008.

In France, however, this trend remains less pronounced. Indeed, 52% of French people are still unaware of whether their financial institution offers mobile payment services, against a global average of 38%. Despite these figures, digital nomadism still continues to grow in France. Indeed, 30% of French people say they are ready to use their mobile to pay for their purchases.

The study also highlights the impact of the rise of smartphones and tablets on other media. Thus, in the world, 51% of respondents prefer to watch TV programs and movies online on their computer and 24% on their mobile or smartphone. The French are also part of this global trend, since 25% of them watch television on their computer and 11% on their smartphone.

Another sector concerned by mobility: instore purchases. According to the survey, more than 38% of users (23% in France) say they use their smartphone in stores to access promotional offers online, and 20% (15% in France) use it to scan QR codes.

In addition to mobility, KPMG has also looked into the issue of personal data. Astonishing fact: consumers would increasingly tolerate the use of their personal data, offering new opportunities to all economic players. Thus, 62% of respondents, all regions combined, would agree to communicate personal information if it enabled them to receive targeted and personalized communications. However, France is an exception: 45% of French people are still hostile to sending advertising messages to their mobile or computer …

The study was carried out with a panel of more than 9,600 people equipped with smartphones / mobiles, tablets and computers, located in 31 countries around the world.