[ETI innovantes] Redex: “The industry of the future is our new frontier”

by bold-lichterman

Built in 1949, Redex is a company that manufactures machines and parts for many sectors such as aviation, ships, construction, energy. She is based in Ferrière-en-Gatinais (Loiret). In 2014, Redex achieved a turnover of 50 million euros.

FrenchWeb: What is the activity of your ETI?

Bruno Grandjean, CEO of Redex, French SME, precision mechanics, manufacturing of factory metal parts for machines, industrial machinery.  Metallurgy.

Bruno Grandjean, Chairman and CEO: We design, market and manufacture machines and machine parts for industry. Redex is a manufacturer of ultra-precise machines used in all key sectors of the industry, to cite a few examples: from electric batteries to aircraft fuselages, centrifuges to clean up water to tidal turbines that exploit tidal energy …

What was the context for the creation of the company?

Redex is a company that has passed the age of 65 but has deeply reinvented itself by developing new mechatronic products and the services that go with them. We have kept from our roots technical creativity and the desire to push back the limits of technology, but we have been able to renew ourselves by integrating mechanical, electronic and digital know-how into our design offices and workshops. We are at the forefront of this totally innovative technology called mechatronics [technique industrielle consistant à utiliser simultanément et en symbiose la mécanique, l’électronique, l’automatique et l’informatique pour la conception et la fabrication de nouveaux produits, NDLR] and found everywhere: from artificial hearts to hybrid cars.

How many jobs have you created since?

For a decade we have hired more than 30 engineers and senior technicians in France mainly but also within our subsidiaries around the world. We employ a total of nearly 350 people.

Are you going to recruit in the coming months?

We need to further strengthen our R&D, in particular we are looking for doctoral students who want to get involved in our profession by showing creativity, for our factories we are also always looking for people who have a taste for production, an intelligence both theoretical and practical as well as a great openness to constantly adapt to new technologies.

How is your mid-sized company taking the turn of digital transformation?

The industry of the future is our new frontier, we are integrating digital tools in all of our factories, but also in our marketing tools as well as in our products. It is a way to be even closer to our customers and to boost our sales. With a rate of IT equipment of over 100%, connected machine tools, several websites dedicated to our customers, an integration of all our design, management or marketing tools and even today applications of help in the selection of our products on smartphones, our objective is to be at the forefront of this digital evolution and to take advantage of it to gain places in the race against our colleagues.

What has been your strategy for expansion nationally and internationally?

We are totally immersed in our territory with two factories in the Center region but also totally European and even “globalized” with seven subsidiaries around the world, three “service centers” in Europe, China and the United States and more than fifteen nationalities represented in our design offices, our sales departments or our factories.

Photo credit: Thierry Bouet