Esports want to play in the first division

by bold-lichterman

The word could still make people smile a few years ago. Now, more and more media and brands are positioning themselves on it. Esports generated $ 195 million in revenue last year, according to a study of the Newzoo and Repucom research firms. A figure which should rise to 465 million dollars in 2017.


This practice of playing a video game in competition or for the show continues to see its number of followers increase. It should go from 89 million players in 2014, to 145 million in 2017. A figure even more important if we add the spectators who could reach 190 million.

Dailymotion, Webedia … are positioning themselves

Recently, several players have positioned themselves in the e-sport segment to take the wave. The Webedia media group (Allociné, Pure Média, 150g,…), as part of its move to Levallois-Perret, has invested in the creation of a studio entirely dedicated to e-sport, as Véronique Morali explained to Frenchweb in March. The company also plans to organize and host competitions at its premises. meltygroup, specializing in publishing thematic sites for young people, has also launched its dedicated platform, melty eSport Club.

More recently, Dailymotion launched Dailymotion Games, a platform for live-streaming video game sessions, a way to position yourself against players like Twitch, bought by Amazon for just under $ 1 billion in 2014. Every month, 180 million views on Dailymotion were already related to gaming videos, the company explained in January. It may also be necessary to count on another juggernaut. According to The Daily Dot site, YouTube may wish to overhaul its YouTube Live site and strengthen itself in esports.

Attract advertising investments

For these companies, the stake is twofold. It is not only to capture a community of players, with strong commitment, in order to increase their audience, but also to attract… advertising investments. 34% of the turnover generated by e-sport would come from online advertising. Brands like Coca-Cola, for example, have already invested in e-sport since 2013. American Express has also sponsored League of Legends.

In December, Twitch, one of the main platforms for broadcasting gaming sessions, thus acquired the marketing agency specializing in online games GoodGame. The objective: to monetize the audience, in particular by attracting sponsors and advertising investments.

There is still a lot of room for improvement. According to Newzoo, there are 2.2 billion people who say they are interested in sports, each generating $ 56 per year on average. Regarding esports, this amount is still only $ 2.2 per capita per year, and should reach 3.2 dollars in 2017 according to the projections of the cabinet which also estimates that by 2017, the number of fans of e-sports should approach that of American football.

Photo credit: Fotolia, royalty-free stock images, vectors and videos