eSport: 4 professions that have become essential with the boom in the sector

by bold-lichterman

Playing Call of Duty or League of Legends is no longer just a hobby. For most players around the world, their game of choice has become their profession. Straight from Asia, especially from South Korea where thousands of people gather in stadiums to witness the exploits of these new kind of sportsmen live, e-sport is beginning to impose itself in Europe and in France.

Every year, Paris Games Week, a trade fair dedicated to video games, now hosts the ESWC, the World Cup for video games. The event aroused the interest of the French group Webedia, which ended up buying Oxent last year, the company which organizes 20,000 e-sport tournaments per year, including the ESWC. Webedia has started a transformation to become a major player in e-sport in France.

Already owner of Jeuxvidé, Millenium and Mixicom, the French group sent a strong signal at the end of 2016 by partnering with Paris Saint-Germain to create a “PSG e-sport” club with international ambitions. In 2017, the revenues generated by the sector in France are expected to reach $ 26 million, according to a study carried out by PayPal and the SuperData firm. Esports are booming in France, and with its arrival, new professions are emerging. Overview of the e-sport professions, during a conference organized on February 28 by EdFab, the Cap Digital entity dedicated to education and training, in the premises of the school 42, the establishment created by Xavier Niel in 2013.

Professional video game player, sportsman 2.0

eSport - GamerWhen a player excels at a game, on a global scale, he can aspire to a professional career. However, it is not enough to play for hours and hours in your bedroom to hope to reach the top. Being a professional player requires qualities specific to a high level athlete.

Success depends above all on rigor on a daily basis. This involves in particular learning and playing the game, mastering “gameplay” (player behavior on the video game) and analyzing competitors. This rigor should allow the player to strengthen his ability to adapt according to the context.

To reach the top, it is essential to question yourself regularly in order to progress. From this questioning, will be born the ambition to set goals. At the same time, a healthy lifestyle is essential to get in the best conditions before each competition. Observe periods of rest, avoid routine by playing other games and oxygenate the mind are the three key points to respect. Finally, it is important to be surrounded by the right people, which can notably involve the use of external help, such as a manager.

Regarding the salary, it is very fluctuating. “It depends on the results in competition and the help provided by the sponsors“, Explains Olivier Hay, alias” Luffy “, Street Fighter IV world champion in 2014. These can be of particular help in providing equipment to the player and paying his travel expenses.

eSport Manager, the gamer’s right arm

To focus exclusively on their competition, most players rely on managers. Attached to a structure that brings together several players, the eSport Manager must now detect new nuggets and analyze the results of tournaments in order to recruit. As soon as he has one or more players under his responsibility, he must accompany them on a daily basis to advise and reassure them. The eSport Manager must therefore find competitions and organize travel.

Its mission is complex insofar as it must ensure the link between the structure and the players it manages. This involves defending the interests of both parties, both financially and in terms of media exposure. Whether in competition or in the media, the eSport Manager must always ensure the good representativeness of the sponsors. These are the ones that keep e-sport structures alive.

Streamers, YouTubers, hosts: the new sports commentators

eSport - StreamerStreamers, YouTubers, and hosts give esports a more colorful and quirky tone. Indeed, they make the discipline more accessible and dynamic. On YouTube, they make videos in which they play while explaining the actions and choices they make on screen, a bit like sports commentators.

To inflate your subscriber count on Google’s video platform, it is imperative to keep a permanent watch on gaming news and to meet other YouTubers. Making collaborations will also allow you to gain visibility and notoriety. This will also involve the management of social networks to be closer to his community. On screen, it is essential to first highlight the quality of your content and then your personality.

Apart from their activity on YouTube, Thomas Trystram, alias “Proto”, and Alexandre Delattre, alias “Lutti”, for example host events, such as Paris Games Week or the Montpellier eSport Show.

ESport Director, “made in Internet”

There were already film and television directors, now there are eSports directors. Their role involves the broadcasting of tournaments and gaming shows on video platforms (YouTube, Twitch) or on social networks (Facebook, Twitter). The challenge is to “succeed in capturing an event so that the user experience is the best», Thus defines Victor Jolivet, eSports director at Webedia Gaming.

During major events, such as Paris Games Week, the director must be the real conductor to ensure the comfort of players and spectators. Nothing should be left to chance. From the dosage of light on the players available to the public, through the location of the casters, who comment on the competition, the eSports director must have a global view of the event. If the means are more modest than on television, Victor Jolivet nonetheless notes a positive point: “Television is inspired by the Internet to display games on the screen.

To become an eSport director, no specific training exists. However, “an audiovisual BTS combined with a good knowledge of the world of video games is an ideal course to do this job», Concludes Victor Jolivet.

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