Eptica injects artificial intelligence into the customer experience

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Booming, artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important in the daily life of consumers. Integrated into smartphones, televisions or even cars, it is set to fundamentally change our uses. Proof of his growing importance, Emmanuel Macron announced a 1.5 billion euros plan to make France a leader in artificial intelligence. “Everything has accelerated over the past five years because with the digital transformation, we have collected considerable volumes of data in several areas and we need artificial intelligence to process them. The use cases are endless and the applications are multiple because artificial intelligence is effective only to perform very specific or specialized tasks», Estimates Pascal Gauvrit, CTO of Eptica.

In this context, companies see artificial intelligence as an opportunity to better meet the expectations of their customers. “Businesses need powerful artificial intelligence technology to automate as many conversations as possible», Indicates Anne-Claire Bellec, Marketing Director of Eptica. By doing this, companies can relieve their customer service congestion so that their employees can develop a more successful customer experience. And this goes above all through personalization.

Understand the customer’s emotions to improve their experience

In this sense, the group Eptica, specializing in conversational and collaborative solutions for the digital customer experience based on artificial intelligence, has developed a unique solution in Europe, vecko, which allows customers to understand the experience lived by customers throughout their journey in order to extract from it customer intelligence. From there, companies can then set up action plans to drive the experience in real time based on what customers really want. “In a business today, nearly 85% of data is unstructured and therefore difficult to analyze. However, they are a mine of information because they are very qualitative. They allow you to know what the customer is thinking, what he really expects from brands and to perceive his emotions», Specifies Pascal Gauvrit. In this context, Eptica’s artificial intelligence makes it possible to position itself upstream of the customer’s reasoning to better meet their needs at the right time.

In order for companies to be able to offer a better customer experience, they will now have to take an interest in consumer emotions. “We carried out a study in the first quarter on this subject with 50 French companies across all sectors, and only 10% of them say they analyze emotions. Few brands master emotion when it is the real differentiating factor of the customer experience, it is what creates attachment to the brand before efficiency or ease.», Explains Anne-Claire Bellec.

Interview with Anne-Claire Bellec, Marketing Director and Pascal Gauvrit, CTO of Eptica:

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Eptica is the European leader in smart platforms for the digital customer experience, a key link in the business value chain. More than 400 brands, across all sectors, entrust Eptica with their millions of daily digital conversations on all channels (self-service, chatbot, chat, messenger, email, social networks) as well as the analysis of the voice of the customer.

Specialist in Automatic Natural Language Processing (NLP), Eptica has developed a unique technology based on AI applied to specific customer relationship issues in order to increase customer satisfaction and the competitiveness of customer service, and provide brands with intelligence to improve the experience across the entire customer journey.

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