[Entretien exclu] Video: StickyADStv Launches New Kind of Ad Exchange

by bold-lichterman

Since 2009, StickyADStv is an advertising agency specializing in multi-format in-stream video advertising (pre-roll, post-roll, etc.) on all screens (computers, mobiles, tablets and connected TV / IPTV). It distributes campaigns on more than 200 premium media sites and applications.

Entretien exclu Video StickyADStv Launches New Kind of AdStickyADStv announces today the birth of the first “Private Premium Video AdExchange”, Sticky xchange, therefore reserved for premium video editors.
A marketplace that started with 35 sites and an inventory of 50 million videos viewed per month. The campaigns will be offered for sale at a fixed price or at auction (with or without a minimum), in clear in Real Time Bidding for display in a few milliseconds.

Exclusive interview with Hervé Brunet, co-founder and President of StickyAdsTV.