[Entretien exclu] Sven Lung launches a new mobile payment standard

by bold-lichterman

The former founder of Brandalley worked with 5 students from the Epitech school on a mobile payment solution that allows you to scan your credit card codes, thus facilitating the payment steps. Operating as a white label, Scanpay is already establishing itself as a new standard, which could easily double the transformation rate of m-commerce. A standard for which there is only one technological equivalent: Cardio, which was bought by PayPal last February.

To date, the Scanpay solution is integrated into the Paybox payment platform, which itself has 30,000 customers in Europe.
The system can be downloaded from the AppStore and Google Play, and has just been associated with the Hicab motorcycle taxi application (HiMedia Group). We also talk about Bazarchic for its mobile version.

Exclusive interview with Sven Lung: