Entrepreneurs, you have the melon!

by bold-lichterman

There, someone had to tell you.

I’ve been in a bad mood for 2 weeks now and it took me a while to figure out why. Thanks to a super benevolent entourage, a little discussion I understood that it came from a report published on Save last Sunday.

I was very happy to do this report. TF1. Seven to Eight. The millions of viewers. The real thing.

I talked a lot after the report with Hugo Saias, my best friend. He tried to make me understand what I’m going to say below, taking details of the report. Now I got it.

And for good reason. Already, the title!Entrepreneurs you have the melon

If only I had been presented with this title!

For the curious → http://bit.ly/1pxeubs

In reality the report was really bad. Even though it was completely obvious, it took me a while to figure out what was bothering me. I will pass you the passages of “Damien, the young millionaire”, “At the wheel of his German brand sports car”, “in the direction of his prestigious sports club”. Who are appallingly ridiculous.

I get it. I’ll never be fooled again.

What deeply displeased me about this TV passage is that despite what I was originally sold, this report was not on Save. It was on Damien Morin.

And you know what? Damien Morin who cares!

The success of a business is collective

A box is a team.

Achievements are always collective. Alone, we are weak. You can only move mountains with an army. Since many of us put our bricks on the building, tear themselves away on a daily basis, take personal and professional risks, we (entrepreneurs) do not have the right to appropriate this success which is common.

Entrepreneurs you have the melon

This is also one of the main missions of the CEO. Recruit the “A players” of the company. Build Top Management for flawless execution.

“Only numbers 10 in my team”

What makes you exceptional are your beliefs

Obviously you have a lot of responsibility in your projects. Your daring, your vision of the market, your adaptability and your optimism make you exceptional people.

This is the reason why your employees follow you, your investors finance you and your customers adore you. But this is not a sufficient reason to take the big head. Why? Because alone you are nothing.

Good ok, but how should we do it?

Leadership is already being built. No one can claim to be the boss of anything. Especially not in the business world and even less in start-ups. Save is a meritocracy. Let’s take an example (as Osama would say):

Charlotte is the first person we recruited into the HR department. His mission was to support Cyril our COO in the many recruitments of Lifeguards. Nothing originally predestined her to her position today. Charlotte is just 30 years old, she is our head of HR, She manages a whole Human Resources team in all its complexity. Recruitment, management, schedules, edition of payslips, legal, disputes, social obligations (CE, staff representatives), … for more than 450 employees and in 6 countries in Europe!

Small reminder, at Save on January 1, 2015 we were 25. She climbed all the levels with audacity and excellence → she won her place.

You must earn your legitimacy!

It’s all in the balance

One day Jeans told me: a good entrepreneur is a perfect mix between Humility and Ambition then a perfect mix between Flexibility and Determination.

Attitude always matters. Empathy, respect for others and the rules, daring, relevance, curiosity are all qualities required to build your leadership.

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For the rest, keep your desire to change world and be yourself 🙂


damien-morin-saveDamien morin is the CEO and founder of Save, a company whose ambition is to “repair any connected object in the world during the day”, he specifies.

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