[Entreprendre] How to calculate the penalties for late payment?

by bold-lichterman

Almost two out of three companies pay their suppliers late, according to an Altares study in partnership with the Inter-Company Mediation. Delays which would be 12.2 days on average and which affect the cash flow of companies, especially those of smaller sizes. “Mid-size companies and large companies are less respectful of invoice dates than small companies,” said the study.

“There are 60,000 bankruptcy filings in France each year, a quarter of which is due to late payments,” explains Philippe Bernis, the firm’s founder. Direct Debt Collection. In the event of delay, interest is due. These are “calculated according to a scale negotiated between the co-contracting parties, the interest rate being freely fixed between the principal and the client. Namely, that it cannot be lower than more than three times the legal interest rate ”.

To help businesses, Direct Recouvrement has launched an application for calculating late payment penalties. After a free period of two days, the user must subscribe to a subscription of 49 euros per year to continue using it and unlock all features. More details with Philippe Bernis, president of Direct Recouvrement.

President : Philippe Bernis

Creation: 2011

The head office : Pontoise

Market : collection firm