[En direct des agences] News of the week

by bold-lichterman

Budgets, web campaigns, figures, high-tech… A look back at the latest news in communication, marketing and advertising this week.


The Tipp-Ex brand (Groupe Bic) has once again entrusted the production of its new viral campaign (“A Hunter shoots a Bear”) to the Buzzman agency. The adventures of the bear and the hunter had caused quite a stir: more than 50 million views on YouTube in 194 countries, 1.2 million shares on Facebook…

This time, Buzzman took over the same characters, threatened by a meteorite. The Internet user is then invited to use the Tipp-Ex correction tape to erase the year 2012 from the title of the video, and travel through the great moments of history. Buzzman has created a series of 46 comic mini films. Hence 3 days of filming and several sets on set to illustrate this new scenario. See the article and the behind-the-scenes video.

Brainsonic recently set up for Facebook and the France Télévisions group an application Facebook on the page of the Mots-Croisés de France 2 program. From April 10 until April 16, this allows interaction between Internet users and the 10 candidates or their representative in the Presidential election.

Duke Razorfish agency launched yesterday a manifesto on the Internet to claim the creation of a “dislike” or “-1” button on the “fans” pages of Facebook and Google+. By this call, Stéphane Guerry, Managing Director of the agency, wants to promote diversity of opinions and internet neutrality, and encourage brands to establish richer and more constructive relationships with consumers, by allowing them to express their disagreements. This manifesto also concerns brands asking to be “liked” before being able to access their content on social networks.


The press relations agency Semicolon signed 5 new clients including Yasound and Skobbler, two companies positioned in the new technologies segment.

Martini France has opted for MNSTR agency for its digital communication for the year 2012.

The Care agency, specialized in On & Offline communication, has just announced the launch of a new department with Care EveryOne, the agency’s mobile entity.
En direct des agences News of the week

The German press agency DAPD has bought the Parisian agency Diora News, via its French subsidiary Sipa News, for an amount of “between 1 million and 5 million euros” according to information from the German daily “Handelsblatt”

MediaBong premium video marketplace, which connects producers, broadcasters and advertisers, recently finalized a round table for an amount of € 1 million, with Network Finances (Gilles Enguehard), Orefi Orientale et Financière (Jacques Antoine Granjon), Patrick Robin, François de la Villardière and Jaïna Capital (Marc Simoncini).


The jury of the Amaury Médias Grand Prix Strategies for digital marketing came to reward Amnesty International during a prize list held last night. Amnesty International, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, has notably set up a digital system around the concept of “Break the law of silence”, based on the Shazam mobile music recognition application. All orchestrated by the La Chose agency.