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by bold-lichterman

Budgets, web campaigns, figures, high-tech, new media… A look back at the latest news in communication, marketing and advertising this week.


On the occasion of the 2012 presidential campaign, Ebuzzing is launching Elyseetweet : an online application that allows you to follow all the tweets about the 2012 presidential campaign and sort them by candidate, by author category or even by content (article, video, photo).

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From March 28, the brand Oasis has a new signature imagined by its Marcel agency: “Be Fruit”. This novelty is accompanied by a multi-support media plan which starts on March 26: with in particular a trailer on Facebook and a brick-busting video game on the Internet starting April 2.

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As part of the AACC “Open Agencies” operation, Digitas France will open its doors to the public on March 27, on the theme of “new inspirations”. On the menu: job dating session and conference on new digital trends.


According to CBNews, RadiumOne landed in France. The group offers media agencies, brands and publishers a real-time social advertising targeting platform called ShareGraph. It would offer the possibility of targeting the relevant audience of a brand or a publisher according to the connections and real-time sharing of their customers and prospects.

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Pure Agency, an agency specializing in M-Commerce in France is now establishing itself in the English market. Pure Agency has also just been selected by Google as a partner of its new GetMoe program, a device aimed at helping advertisers to switch to mobile.


Following a call for tenders, LSFinteractive agency has been chosen by the delegation for economic and international development of Greater Lyon to set up its entire e-mail communication platform for its economic contacts.

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The Buzz and Games Factory has just won four new clients for online marketing games: EDF ENR, Holiday Check, Manche Tourisme and the television series Minuscule.


Le Monde.fr last Monday put online the brand new version of its showcase site with the aim of offering a richer and more interactive experience. A launch that is part of a strategy to switch to the digital age, strongly accelerated for a year.

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Since last Wednesday, readers of West France can discover 3D photos in their diary using augmented reality software that allows a 3D visual to be associated with a color image, via a smartphone or tablet.


Viadeo recently published its quarterly barometer of online advertising professionals. Main finding of this study: e-pub professionals are increasingly pessimistic. Indeed, only 55.4% of online advertising professionals say they are optimistic for the activity of their sector in the next three months, against 60% to be optimistic at the end of 2011 and 66% the previous quarter.

According to the latest figures published by Kantar Media, online advertising investments in France showed a slight decline in February. In fact, on the internet, revenues decreased by 1%, reaching € 222M, against € 224.1M in February 2011.


Acer and Microsoft are teaming up with iDTGV to offer travelers a High Tech break during their journey. Travelers on the Paris-Marseille and Paris-Strasbourg routes are therefore invited to come in the restaurant car where teams from Acer and Microsoft introduce them to their new products.

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