[En direct des agences] News of the week

by bold-lichterman

Le Figaro acquires Vodeo, Les Echos are launching “Digital Café”, Mobvalue, a new mobile advertising agency, the Fred & Farid agency is diversifying its activities… A look back at the latest news in communication, marketing and advertising this week.


Buzz paradise quits Vanksen to regain its independence

1606171646 722 En direct des agences News of the weekThe social media advertising network, a bridge between advertisers and opinion leaders in around ten countries, is separating from the Vanksen group. Its CEO, Gaëtan Ovigneur, explains this departure by the need to regain independence for Buzz Paradise and no longer be in a competitive situation within Vanksen. The company no longer wants to be positioned as an agency but exclusively as an advertising agency. No link will remain with Vanksen, Buzz Paradise working on a new capital reorganization. A new round table is therefore under discussion to boost its international development.

Fred & Farid diversifies. The advertising agency launches Frontstage a series of cultural events organized by the agency and broadcast live in streaming on its website Backstage (BCKSTG), which deals with behind-the-scenes advertising and creative sources of inspiration.

France’s Island looking for a digital agency. The Ile-de-France regional council has just launched a call for candidates for the production of press articles, sections and files for its newspaper and its Internet portal. The allocated budget would amount to 80,000 euros.

Meilleurtaux.com marks its return. Long absent from screens, Meilleurtaux.com, real estate loan broker, returns with TVLowCost to demonstrate “its role to play in finding the best credit solution and supporting the future owner in his efforts until the realization of his real estate project”. On the menu: three 10-second films featuring bankers and the “Save time and money” base line.

Vindico lands in Europe. Vindico offers media agencies and publishers a video advertising platform that provides real-time video performance indicators. The platform can, for example, evaluate clicks, viewing rates, or impressions, as well as additional events related to interactive video formats, content or conversion.


En direct des agences News of the weekLe Figaro offers itself Vodeo. Le Figaro, which until now owned 23% of the shares of the documentary platform Vodeo.tv, offered the entire company. Frédéric Sitterlé (CEO of mySkreen), which had taken control of Vodeo three years ago, is therefore separating its 51% of shares and at the same time taking the opportunity to buy back from Figaro the 20% of mySkreen that the group owned.

Les Echos and PagesJaunes team up for a 100% web program. The joint program called “Digital Café” aims to explain digital changes in the daily life of the French. “Digital Café” hosted by David Barroux – editor-in-chief of Les Echos – and broadcast every Friday morning, offers interviews with executives, marketing directors, or even project managers working on the web. The idea is to shed light on the evolution of digital and its impact on society.

Arketi agency publishes a study sure the use of social media and the Internet by journalists from the professional and specialized press. 64% of journalists surveyed say they spend more than 20 hours a week online, 21% of them being online for more than 40 hours. For almost all of those surveyed, it is a question of reading the news and also of finding ideas or sources for their own articles. However, social media is not yet the primary source for journalists. 99% of the journalists questioned take their information directly “at the source”.


1606171647 409 En direct des agences News of the weekMcDonald’s renewed Mobile Dream Studio. The agency was again chosen to create the Happy mobile application. The free application dedicated to this character embodying the Happy Meal red box will be available on iPhone and iPad from Wednesday, October 5.

Hervé Montoute and Thomas Prud’homme (originally the internal management of Comment ça marche) have just launched Mobvalue, an advertising agency for mobiles and tablets. Offering suitable advertising systems Mobvalue works in particular in partnership with TF1, CCM Benchmark, Météo France, Presselite and Match.


1606171647 599 En direct des agences News of the weekNurun offers himself Odopod. The digital agency Nurun, strengthens across the Atlantic by acquiring Odopod, recently awarded by Advertising Age as best “Small Agency of the Year” in the West category. Odopod counts among its customers Tesla Motors, Sony Electronics, Google and Electronic Arts.

Weborama partners with Adloox. The online advertising company has just concluded a partnership with Adloox, specialist in online advertising tracking. This will make available to Weborama its Display Trust software, which makes it possible to monitor the quality of the sites chosen for the promotion campaign in real time, so that the advertiser’s campaign does not end up on a site whose content is likely to affect the image of the brand.

Club Med chooses Neolane. Club Méditerranée has opted for Neolane, French publisher of software dedicated to marketing and customer communication, to manage the marketing branch of its new CRM strategy. The group thus wishes to strengthen its attachment to the Club Med brand through improved personalization of all its communications with GMs.


1606171647 261 En direct des agences News of the weekMarketing managers at a loss for the ROI of social media. A study carried out by Vanson Bourne for Adobe, reveals that nearly 60% of European marketing directors try to calculate the ROI of social media. However, 78% of them say they do not have an accurate assessment of the investments made in marketing campaigns on social media.

The French are tired of advertising. The eighth edition of the Advertising & Society study carried out by the agency Australia and TNS Sofres, reveals that 37% of French people declare themselves to be publiphobes in 2011, against 34% the previous year. A figure in constant progression since 2004 when they were only a quarter.