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by bold-lichterman

Novotel is invited to BFM TV and LeMonde.fr, Dailymotion has created a sports channel, Virgin Radio is launching “Louder is better”, a daring digital campaign, online advertising and high-tech brands are doing well … communication, marketing and advertising news this week.


“Louder is better”. (Stronger is better) Here is the new signature of the campaign imagined by the agency Buzzman for Virgin radio. The spot produced by the collective We are from LA offers an original interactive experience on Youtube: Internet users only need to turn up the volume to see three other viral films evolve in a “delirious and shattering manner.” “


Fred & Farid inaugurates a new brand.

The agency has just launched a new subsidiary, Kids Love Jetlag, which will be exclusively devoted to social networks (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)


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Dailymotion goes to sport. Dailymotion and Mediatic System, an internet content production and publishing company, launched on October 5, Dailysport, the “first free sports news channel and all video on the internet”. Three daily events are offered: A newscast full of sports news. The Talk, a platform of consultants, journalists and also Internet users to discuss the news of the day. And, the Top 10, the best sports videos posted on Dailymotion.

TF1 bets on US series. The channel offers a new Facebook application that allows you to see American series (including Grey’s Anatomy, Mentalist, Gossip Girl or even Dr House) on Facebook the day after their release across the Atlantic. The episodes, available for 1.99 euros, are in their original version with French subtitles.

Novotel settles on LeMonde.fr and BFMTV. The hotel chain is setting up a new cross-media system to inform and convince business travelers. On the menu, a 3D advergame designed by Havas Media and M Advertisement broadcast on the information site from October 10, and a short program on the TNT channel.


Forecasts. According to the latest figures from ZenithOptimedia Global advertising spending is expected to grow 3.6% in 2011 and 5.3% in 2012. Internet will also remain the medium with the highest growth rate between 2010 and 2013, with an increase of 14.6% one year.

The Best Global Brands 2011. “High-tech and Internet brands have never done so well, according to the 2011 ranking of the top 100 global brands (…) + 27% for Google, which now weighs 55.3 billion dollars, + 20% for Samsung or even + 16% for Oracle. “And Apple” is entering the coveted circle of the ten most powerful brands in the world. (…) The firm with the apple is worth 33.5 billion dollars. »In the eighth position reports the daily Les Echos, about the ranking Best Global Brands 2011


French media on Fire? The main French titles could soon be on the digital kiosk that Amazon will launch alongside the release in France of its new tablet, called Fire. Indeed, according to information from La Lettre de L’Expansion, the company should in the very near future conclude an agreement with the GIE E-presse Premium, which brings together the main French publishers.


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Wizee is raising funds. True opinion leaders, the stars are followed by millions of fans on social networks. Wizee exploits this formidable audience – 15 million fans – via a content platform where celebrities publish news, photos and comments. Wizee is also an advertising agency that connects brands and stars from all walks of life. The start up raised 300,000 euros last Monday.

Pizza Hut and Big Words. According to Strategies, following a competition, Pizza Hut would have chosen to entrust all of its communication (take-out sales and deliveries) to the agency Swear words. On the program: television, print, radio, Internet and CRM campaigns.