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by bold-lichterman

Buzzman launches Digital love for Durex, stars and brands have their new platform, Disko wins 3 budgets, CAC 40 companies surf on social media … or not! Back on the news of communication, marketing and advertising this week.


Buzzman imagines the Digital Love platform for Durex. How to communicate on a brand of condoms in Muslim countries? This is the challenge that Durex has taken up thanks to Buzzman. To meet this challenge, the French agency has set up the site Digital love, a kind of futuristic platform inviting the Internet user to make love with the partner of his choice by means of a screen.

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The intermediary between brands and stars. Brand & Celebrities launches a European web platform for connecting stars and brands. In Europe, around 20% of advertisements use stars. Given this potential, the site offers a star directory and a multi-criteria search engine, structured information, a system allowing endorsement contracts to be set up in a few days and a turnkey media system (photos, videos , sounds, etc.).


List of CAC 40 companies that surf the best on social media. Presence, activity, interaction, variety… A study carried out by Augure agency, and revealed by Influence, takes stock of the activity of CAC 40 companies on social networks. The survey carried out in August and September focused on four networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube. The car manufacturer, Renault, appears at the top of this ranking.


Splendia chooses D Contract. According to Stratégies, the luxury hotel website Splendia told the event agency D Contract the design of an operation in order to acquire notoriety. This speech will take the form of a completely offbeat event, around the theme of “from virtual to real”.

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Disko wins 3 budgets. Created in 2008, the French digital agency was chosen by Ouaps, manufacturer of interactive games (creation, animation of community platforms and press relations for the Premier Age brand), Warner Bros. Entertainment (launch of the video game The Lord of the Rings: the war in the North) and finally by Sport for Us, a social network specializing in sport.


Rue89 is getting a makeover. The pure player last Monday launched a version 2.0 of its website, offering more participation from Internet users as well as sub-sites, specializing in particular in the economy, culture and sport.

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Grazia arrives on iPad. Women’s magazine launches an Ipad application innovation dedicated to shopping and fashion, whose functionalities (360 ° view of accessories, virtual tours, etc.) put users in direct contact with the items.

A French HuffPost. The world, The New Independent Editions andThe Huffington Post announced last Monday the official launch of a French “HuffPost”, which is scheduled to be online by mid-November.


Aquafadas for Prisma Presse. The Prisma Presse group, a major internet media group, has chosen technology of Aquafadas to decline its magazines on shelves. Aquafadas’ technological solutions allow model makers to create the digital version of magazines themselves, without the help of developers.