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by bold-lichterman

Influence digitale wins four budgets, the Dior site has a facelift, the CPC for advertising on Facebook is skyrocketing, the French addicted to tablets… A look back at the news of communication, marketing and advertising this week.


Digital influence has four budgets. Founded by Cyril Attias, agency just won 4 new budgets: Julien paintings (AkzoNobel group), with the creation of a decoration blog (http://lapeinturequichangetout.fr/). Daniel Hechter for its blogging events. The Shoe Hall for their strategy on social media (Facebook, blogger relationship). And finally, Dulux valentine (AkzoNobel group) for social and digital media strategy.

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Publicis Groupe shows good indicators. The group has just unveiled its third quarter 2011 results. On the menu: revenue up 7.5% to € 1.42 billion and organic growth of 6.4%. Digital now accounts for nearly 1/3 of the group’s revenues and emerging countries, 23.7%.


Dior is getting a makeover. Dior recently launched its latest website Dior.com. Designed as a journey to the heart of the luxury house, the site offers significant “rich media” content, with, among other things, a hundred films. This new digital proposition is signed Mazarine Digital.

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Fotolia Winner. The French marketplace for images, videos and royalty-free vectors with a turnover of 100 million dollars in 2010, yesterday received the IT Night trophy in the Economic Performance and Company Productivity category. A distinction that confirms its status as a leading player in the digital economy and its ability to revolutionize uses in terms of image communication.


1606159159 589 En direct des agences News of the weekFacebook advertising CPC is skyrocketing. Sure Facebook, the cost per click of advertising would increased by 53% in the third quarter of 2011 compared to the previous quarter. An increase which could be explained in particular by the increase in investments made on the platform between these two quarters (+ 25%).

Monday October 17, FrenchWeb delivered to you exclusively the main results of the first Foursquare survey carried out in France. Among them:

  • 50.9% of users are between 25 and 34 years old.
  • Only 24% of women are registered on Foursquare.
  • The iPhone is the smartphone of choice (60.5%) for accessing Foursquare.
  • 81.3% have never benefited from a “Special”.
  • 51.1% believe they are logging into Foursquare more and more often.


Allociné on TNT? Allociné TV, the channel of the eponymous group, declared itself a candidate for obtaining one of the next six new free frequencies on TNT. The group has indeed announced that it will participate in the call for applications launched last Tuesday, November 18 by the CSA.

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TV Magazine on iPhone and tablet. TV magazine launched last Monday its free application on iPhone and iPad. It gives access to the programs of “more than 200 channels”, over two weeks, with a description of the films, series and documentaries, criticized and rated by the editorial staff.

Canal goes to X in 3D. According to the Strategies news letter, dated this morning, Canal + 3D could broadcast on an experimental basis in early 2012 a 3D X sequence of about fifteen minutes produced by the company Marc Dorcel.

Noise from corridors. The Marie Claire group would consider embarking on the adventure of connected television. “This is indeed a development that we are considering,” explains Véronique Depéry-Savarit, Sales Director for France and International.


The French addicted to tablets? Fullsix recently publishedé the conclusions of the second edition of its study, carried out by OTO Research, on the use of digital tablets in French households. Main observation: tablets take an increasingly important place in our daily life.

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The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 2h40 of daily use with more than 6 grips, against 2h per day according to the study of last year which however only concerned the iPad.
  • Over 90% of tablet owners use them while watching TV.

It is still necessary to restore these figures in their context. Only a very small percentage of French households are already equipped with these devices …