[En bref] Groupon, Free Mobile, Emailvision … The latest news!

by bold-lichterman

Groupon could engage in promotional offers not limited in time, the excess traffic on the network Orange could cost 100M € per year to Free, EmailVision publishes its annual results… A brief look back at the latest news of the day.

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According to a Techcrunch article, Groupon, specialist in the daily deal, could well embark on promotional offers not limited in time. The rumor was already circulating before its IPO but seems to be clarifying today. In fact, Groupon has just launched a new platform in Germany called Groupon Deals. Sort of Amazon, the portal offers many products ranging from boots and vacuum cleaners to watches and sofas. As usual, all the offers offered benefit from strong reductions of up to 80%. The only difference: these are not daily deals but permanent promotions. The question is therefore whether Groupon plans to open other similar platforms across the world.

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According to Challenges information, a meeting was held yesterday at the headquarters of Free in order to settle the disputes related to the roaming contract with Orange. Several ways out of the crisis have been envisaged: breach of contract, transformation of the agreement into a simple MVNO contract, or the rapid expansion of Free’s own network. However, if Orange points the finger at abusive use of its network, the incumbent operator could well derive benefits. Indeed, according to Challenges, if the trend continued, Orange could invoice Free an additional € 100 million per year, in addition to the € 250 million per year provided for in the contract.

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Emailvision, French publisher of SaaS software for online relationship marketing, has just published its annual results. The company thus announces a turnover increase of 50% to reach 90M $. In 2011, the company accelerated its international presence in Europe, North America, Brazil and China. All 19 countries contributed to the strong growth in turnover and 25% of new sales were made outside Europe. Emailvision also reportedly gained 850 new customers in 2011. Founded 12 years ago, the company has 600 employees around the world.