Employee experience … foundation of customer experience

by bold-lichterman

Respond to increasing complexity

The work has become so dictated by uncertainty that some think that we will not derive any more new performances to continue to think it rationally. And work organizations have reached such a level of complexity that it is again necessary to let go of our desire to still want to control them.

The prescription of work, like the structuring of an organization, still respond to beliefs that we are able to think of some of the conditions that will be able to generate more value for our customers. Leaving employees to define their work as their organization is a leap into the unknown. And yet, everything has become so complex that some are thinking about it to understand this organizational dilemma differently.

And with the disappearance of these forms of prescription, individuals are put back at the center of the organization. The operation of the company can then be thought around what is already called the employee experience. By drawing inspiration from the logics developed by marketing on the customer experience – UX oruser experience – the employee experience refers to all the interactions and experiences experienced by an employee, in the key moments of his career as in his professional daily life.

Rethinking organizations at the service of individuals

What if we focused on understanding and thinking about the path of employees and promoting differentiated management methods conducive to high quality professional life experience? These logics make it possible to go further than restrictive HR systems reserved for high potentials, to go beyond quality of life at work approaches, and above all to think of the employee relationship in a symmetry of attentions: pampering your employees means pampering your employees. clients.

Work with the head… but also with the heart!

Companies that rely on the strength of people to regulate their organizations thus rely on individual dynamics that give pride of place to the expression of emotions. How can an employee make good use of the space of autonomy given to him? How can he take (good) initiatives? Sociologists of work have repeatedly put these questions to us. Individual commitment also responds to a personal desire that is seldom triggered by rational processes. It is then a question of thinking how each one will find in his professional experience a desire which allows him a truly different commitment than the only commitment by the head!

A logic based on values

Starting to think about the employee experience is a great way to put the organization at the service of everyone’s success. From his entry into the company, until his exit, we work in contexts so unique that it is a priori very difficult to think of the employee experience in a standard way.

We experience countless work situations, the influence of which, in the broad sense, of working conditions, but also of our emotional state, complicates their apprehension. In turn, our emotional state is also affected by many factors, professional as well as personal, which does not necessarily make exercise simple. The multiplicity of work situations, like the singularity of individuals, will therefore undoubtedly lead to the “employee experience” to be set up in the form of values ​​rather than in the form of process.

The debate promises to be rich!

This article was published in the March 2018 issue of Liaisons Sociales Magazine

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