Email: something new with the Handle app

by bold-lichterman

Have we finally found a solution to the indigestible management of our mailboxes? Shawn Carolan, the Managing Director of the Menlo Ventures Fund, seems to be on the way. It launches the Handle web application, also available on iOs.


As explained TechCrunch, Handle allows you to efficiently sort emails, but more importantly to create and organize tasks from your inbox. Thus, this tool makes it possible to obtain a real agenda, from the intelligent sorting of e-mails. It also recalls certain features of Mailbox, an application that organizes e-mail management into specific tasks. Handle promises to make it easier to organize service workers, who spend an average of 20 hours a week processing their emails. Fast and ergonomic, the application allows you to group, reject and prioritize e-mails at the touch of a button. However, Handle does not yet have a search bar, which limits its effectiveness. Also, at first, the app will only work on Gmail.

Launched yesterday, thanks to a fundraising of $ 4 million from Menlo Ventures, Handle is currently operating on a freemium model. A B to B version, adapted to the needs of companies, should soon see the light of day. Indeed, the first tests won over David Fischer of Facebook in particular.