Elteg, website creation solution, completes a fundraising of 720,000 euros

by bold-lichterman

Elteg, a technology and web marketing company, has just announced a round of funding of € 720,000 finalized this summer with a battery of investors. Among them: José-Luis Duran (current president of Devanlay), Jean-Paul Maury (president of Maury Imprimeur), Doxa SAS (already a shareholder of Mixmoov, Mediapart or Terra-Eco), Jean-Manuel Richier (director of Blackstone France) and the companies Axxès Caraîbes and Hi-Media.

Elteg website creation solution completes a fundraising of 720000 euros

Christophe Agnus, President of Elteg, explains: “The goal was to add” smart money “to Elteg, partners who bring more than money: skills, ideas, networks …”

Founded in April 2009, the company offers the Wala solution, a website production and management platform (Web or mobile). This offer is currently requested by around thirty customers, including the Express-Roularta group, the Le Point group, or the Hearst UK group, to name but a few.

Based on this fundraising, the company plans to develop a new tool intended for the market of very small businesses and associations. Once again its objective remains “the simplification of the web”.

The company reached financial breakeven in the third quarter of 2011.