Elon Musk unveils rocket to link Paris to New York in 30 minutes

by bold-lichterman

A trip from Paris to New York may be a day shorter than a trip by RER. At least that is the goal of Elon Musk, the American entrepreneur who is never short of ideas to revolutionize the means of transport. On the occasion of his conference at the International Astronautical Congress, which was held in Adelaide, Australia, he unveiled the next ambitions of SpaceX. At the heart of these announcements, a new reusable rocket made an impression. The latter could considerably shorten trips around the world.

Called “Big Fucking Rocket” (ie “fucking big rocket»In French), it will be able to go up to 27,000 km / h to connect cities around the world in record time. It could thus provide the New York-Shanghai connection in 39 minutes, Hong Kong-Singapore in 22 minutes, Los Angeles-Toronto in 24 minutes, London-Dubai in 29 minutes or even New York-Sydney in 49 minutes. To make such expeditious journeys, the BFR will take off to reach orbit and skirt the Earth to the destination.

Missions to Mars from 2022

SpaceX’s new rocket will be able to carry between 80 and 200 passengers and will not only target wealthy customers. Indeed, Elon Musk suggested that the price of a seat aboard this new means of interplanetary transport would be close to the fare applied in economy class by airlines. However, no commissioning date has yet been announced. Construction of the rocket is scheduled to begin within the next six to nine months. Elon Musk hopes to launch it within five years, or by 2022.

The BFR will not only be used to serve land destinations. It will also allow preliminary work to be carried out to colonize Mars. Concretely, the rocket will have to carry out two cargo missions in 2022 to search for water sources and transport the infrastructures necessary for survival on the red planet. The first manned missions to Mars are due to start in 2024.