Eligo Bioscience raises $ 20 million to be more specific than antibiotics

by bold-lichterman

The amount

The French start-up Eligo Bioscience, specializing in microbiology, has completed a funding round of $ 20 million. The American fund Khosla Ventures and Seventure Partners, a historical investor, took part in the operation. The company also received $ 2 million in aid from the Global Innovation Competition.

The market

Founded in 2014 by doctors Xavier Duportet and David Bikard as well as associate professors Timothy Lu (MIT) and Luciano Marraffini (Rockefeller University), Eligo Bioscience develops biotherapeutic nanobots. These make it possible to treat bacterial diseases at their source and improve the health of the microbiome, and therefore that of patients.

Called “eligobiotics”, these nanobots, made up of DNA and proteins, are able to kill bacteria in a highly targeted manner or transform them into drug producers, depending on the therapeutic payload they carry. “Antibiotics are weapons of mass destruction: extremely powerful but imprecise. With eligobiotics, we can intervene precisely on the microbiome», Explains Doctor Xavier Duportet, CEO of Eligo.

The objectives of the Start-up

This new funding should allow the French start-up to strengthen its platform for programmable bio-drugs, to start its first clinical trials and to develop its international team of scientists, engineers and directors.

Eligo Bioscience: the key data

Founders: Xavier Duportet, David Bikard, Timothy Lu and Luciano Marraffini
Creation: 2014
The head office : Paris
Activity: microbiology
Funding: $ 20 million in September 2017