Ekocitizen, to recycle your mobile phone as well as possible

by bold-lichterman

New on the web, Ekocitizen is a comparator that allows consumers to get a clear view of the mobile phone recycling solutions available to them. In fact, over the past two years, various platforms have developed on the Internet to give a second life to one’s cellphone and derive some benefits from it. However, the market remains unstructured and offers are still unclear.

With Ekocitizen, in a few clicks, free of charge and without registration, the Internet user obtains a comparison of the remuneration offers of the main players in recycling to be able to sell his phone at the best price and information on the differences between the recyclers to be able to choose the one that is right for him. best suited (payment methods, deadlines, possibility of repayment to associations, etc.).

Ekocitizen to recycle your mobile phone as well as possible

Ekocitizen is therefore positioning itself as a new player in raising public awareness of recycling our mobile phones. In fact, in France nearly 60M of cell phones are sleeping in our drawers. In addition to this figure, the 15M mobile phones sold in 2011. Thus, to date, only 7% of our old phones would be recycled. However, a study carried out by the manufacturer Nokia shows that the recycling of these unused devices in the world could already have made it possible to save 240,000 tonnes of raw materials. Among the various solutions already existing in France, FrenchWeb had interviewed few months ago Mobilorama. Created in early 2010 by 3 media, Internet and telecom veterans, the site buys your mobile phones on the basis of an opportunity and gives them a second life. It also sells refurbished phones. Mobilorama thus presents itself as the only online platform in this dual market. Regarding the simple buyout, only 7 serious competitors would position themselves, among which Love2recycle, Fonebak and Fonebank -not to be confused-, or even MyExTel. France therefore has a long way to go in this area. Indeed, outside our borders this market is much more mature, particularly in the United Kingdom, which is recognized as the pioneer of the sector.