EdTech: 4.5 billion dollars invested in 2015 in the world

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The EdTech sector is booming, as evidenced by the recent evolution of the amounts invested in this sector. These have increased by 32% per year on average since 2011, reaching $ 4.5 billion in 2015, according to data from the Boston Consulting Group.

Another proof of the dynamism of this sector, the number of companies identified as EdTech by the consulting company has quadrupled since 1995. If the pioneers of the sector were above all providers of digital content related to training, in 2015 the players are also positioned in segments such as games, social platforms, or learning communities.

Investments focus on five major market segments

Five major market segments are particularly attractive to investors and account for 64% of the amounts invested over the past five years.

  • Platforms and multimedia content providers: this is the market segment that has attracted the most investors since 2011, with $ 2.3 billion invested, up 34% per year.
  • Online courses: it is one of the most dynamic market segments, with 421 companies identified. The latter have received investments of up to $ 1.9 billion since 2011, up 19% per year.
  • Business management and finance solutions: segment that has seen the strongest growth in these investments since 2011, with an annual growth rate of 127%.
  • Infrastructure, security and management systems: $ 1.5 billion has been invested in this segment, up 10% per year.
  • Higher education services and programs: a segment which is also experiencing good growth in these investments, up 49% per year.

75% of investments made in the United States

While the amounts invested have been the largest in the secondary education sector (35% of the amounts invested in 2015), it should be noted that over the past five years, the higher education sector has also made a place for itself on the market. market (11% of amounts invested in 2011, compared to 30% in 2015).

Also in terms of geographic distribution, countries do not all have the same appeal in the eyes of investors. Between 2011 and 2015, three quarters of the amounts invested were in American EdTechs. More generally, five countries have attracted 97% of investments made over the past five years: the United States ($ 10.1 billion), China ($ 1.2 billion), India ($ 0.6 billion) ), Canada ($ 0.4 billion) and the United Kingdom ($ 0.2 billion).

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