Ecuador launches survey after publication of data from all residents

by bold-lichterman

Ecuador has announced the opening of an investigation after the publication on the Internet of personal data concerning almost all of its population on the Internet, that is to say 17 million inhabitants, revealed by a computer security company.

It is a very sensitive question, it is an important concern for all the government and the State ”, said Interior Minister Maria Paula Romo at a press conference, who announced the opening of an investigation that “Will allow, in the coming hours, to establish with clarity who are responsible”.

An unprotected cloud

IT security firm vpnMentor said it discovered in an unprotected cloud the names, financial data, contacts and civil information of some 17.3 million Ecuadorians, including 6.7 million children. According to the company, access to the server, administered by Ecuadorian company Novaestrat, was restricted after the country’s emergency computer security team responded.

“We are working on the subject with the various institutions concerned, not only those which have had their data stolen, but also the various institutions which are in charge of security matters”, specified the minister. ” I also hope that in the coming hours, the Minister of Telecommunications (Andres Michelena) will be able to deepen the question by providing technical information on data protection ”, she added.