eCommerce: the store remains key in the purchasing journey

by bold-lichterman

PWC publishes the 3rd edition of its international study on eCommerce with a focus on France. While the recruitment of new customers has driven growth in ecommerce upwards, its slowdown in mature countries is not without impact. Thus the frequency of online purchases did not increase in France in 2013. In comparison with other countries, while French eCommerce is average, French customers are more occasional, but buy in more categories.

In terms of the purchasing process, free delivery and returns are accepted, return in store is the most desired service. The store remains key in the purchasing process, we have more multi-channel aspirations than the rest of Europe.

Regarding the digitization of points of sale, customers want to pay as quickly as possible, and simply identify where to find a product that is out of stock.

Pure players succeed in reaching a larger clientele than retailers! and their penetration continues to increase when the brands are in decline

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