Eclypsia raises funds to expand its gaming community in France

by bold-lichterman

Eclypsia, a pure player dedicated to video games, announced a “pre-Series A” fundraising, valuing the company at nearly 10 million euros, she specifies. The company created by two French people, and based in Great Britain, specializes in the creation of content, tutorials, and the broadcasting of live on a WebTV dedicated to gamers. The investors in this round are not known. Among the historical investors, the entrepreneur Arnaud Dassier who invested 200,000 euros in 2013 to hold 10% of the capital.

The market

Eclypsia is positioned in a very competitive market in terms of audience. The site claims 1.2 million unique visitors per month on its French site. In the world of video games, it faces other pure players, including the leader, acquired by the Webedia group in 2014 and which has 15 million unique visitors per month. The other brands present in this market are GameKult, JeuxOnline, JeuxActu, or Millenium. Sure his page Facebook, Eclypsia has more than 71,000 fans.

The objectives of the Start-up

Founded in 2012, the Eclypsia company, which settled in Ashford, announced from its launch that it wanted to become a benchmark media in the world of video games. It will open new offices in France, the first of which in Paris is already active. “Our fans will now have the opportunity to come see the team, attend the live”, announces Julien Thierry, the co-founder. It also intends to develop its activity internationally, with the English-speaking market in 2015, “Russia and four other markets in 2016”.

To set up its Paris office, Eclypsia is also recruiting a France manager, an editor and a media buyer. She wants “to double its workforce in the coming months”.

Founders: Julien Thierry and Sebastien Danigo

Seat: Ashford (Great Britain)


Creation date: 2012