Early Birds relies on the personalization of content in e-commerce

by bold-lichterman

In an e-commerce sector that has become very competitive, Early Birds believes that personalization of content can make the difference. This Parisian start-up is developing a solution for e-merchants in the form of a widget suggesting product recommendations according to each Internet user. Conversely, the solution also offers, from a given product, finding buyers likely to be interested in order to conduct an e-mail campaign.

A technology based on Internet user data: “we will collect different types of data: navigation routes, CRM data, we are also able to fetch point-of-sale data or even work on social data like Facebook Connect ”, explains to Frenchweb Laetitia Comès-Bancaud, the co-founder of Early Birds. This data will then be analyzed in order to submit automatic content recommendations, both on the web and on mobile.

Founded in 2012, the company markets its platform in Saas (software as a service, editor’s note) with monthly subscriptions whose prices vary according to the volumes that e-merchants wish to manage. To finance itself, a fundraising of 450,000 euros was completed last year. The company now hopes to open its first international sales office.

Interview with Laetitia Comès-Bancaud, the co-founder of Early Birds:

Founders: Laetitia Comès-Bancaud and Nicolas Mathon

Creation: 2012

The head office : Paris

Activity: marketing personalization

Funding: 450,000 euros raised in 2015

Competitors: Expertime …

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