E-sport: brands are ready to spend $ 325 million in 2016

by bold-lichterman

E-sport, which brings together online games alone and in multi-player competition, is arousing the interest of brands. The latter would even be ready to spend 325 million dollars (about 290 million euros) this year around this activity, according to a study by Newzoo. This research firm specializing in games provides that brands spend 128 million dollars in “sponsorship” and 197 million dollars in advertising related to this activity.

Several actors

At such a level, these expenses should represent 70% of the revenues generated by the sector. Optimistic, Newzoo even estimates that the trend should be confirmed in the coming years and that brand spending on esports will reach $ 800 million by 2019.

Many groups are very interested in the development of esports. In 2014, Amazon was spending $ 970 million to get its hands on Twitch, a video game streaming session sharing platform. Today, this site claims more than 100 million unique visitors and more than 1.7 million broadcasters, that is to say creators and distributors of content. On the new media side, in the United States, Activision has just placed itself in the race for broadcasting rights for competitions.

In France, Dailymotion has also embarked on this niche with the opening of “Dailymotion Games” in early 2015. This variation of the site allows players to share their sessions, in particular with a live broadcast. When it was launched, Dailymotion explained that its site was already heavily used for video game broadcasts (180 million views per month).

In France, a parliamentary report

In addition to broadcasting sites, it is also the media that are working on it. The Melty group has therefore launched into e-sport with its “melty eSport Club”, launched last year in partnership with Bouygues Télécom. For its part, Webedia, the specialist in thematic sites (Allociné, PureMedia, etc.) has even opened a dedicated space on its premises and is betting on the organization of competitions.

In addition, in France, a parliamentary report on the development of e-sport was presented this week to Axelle Lemaire, the Secretary of State for Digital. Several proposals were submitted, in particular on the organization of competitions and the social status of professional players.

Photo credit: Jakob Wells, Creative Commons, Wikipedia