E-health: 7 French start-ups to watch closely

by bold-lichterman

The use of data has developed strongly in the field of marketing, but its development is disrupting many other sectors agriculture, the sport… And the health is no exception. Many French start-ups did not wait to take an interest in it:

  • I-Pact has developed an algorithm that allows the pain of patients to be monitored remotely when they are at home. Via their computer, tablet or smartphone, they complete an online pain self-assessment grid. The data is then analyzed by this decision-making algorithm, which generates graduated alerts according to the pain status of each patient, then transmitted to the care teams. The device is developed in partnership with the Claudius Rigault Institute (ICR) in Toulouse.
  • Quinten is a start-up specializing in the valuation of biomedical data. Founded in 2008 in Paris, it publishes the Q-Finder algorithm, which improves the analysis of clinical trials. The start-up collaborates with Sanofi, Roche, Servier …
  • AED Map publishes cardiac defibrillator mapping and management software. Incubated atBoucicault incubator in Paris, it brings together all the data on these devices available in public spaces and thus helps local administrations to monitor their condition.
  • Healthysium : this Toulouse start-up is working on a study protocol to select the most promising molecules. It is aimed at pharmaceutical laboratories. The protocol has already been tested with molecules falling within the field of diabetology and obesity, other markets could open up: that of health food in particular.
  • Bodycap : A young Caen company founded in 2011 which has developed a terminal for monitoring temperatures in real time. She had been incubated at Agoranov and at the Vision Institute. Like I-Pact, she is riding the trend in ambulatory medicine. It strives to create and market communicating technologies allocated to the monitoring of physiological variables.
  • Eeleo is developing a hub that can connect with all available devices so as not to increase the number of proprietary hubs among people. This is a remote monitoring box that allows remote collection of medical data from patients with chronic pathologies. It comes with an app smartphone. Eeleo is incubated in Paris within the Paris & Co network (ex-Paris Region Lab).
  • Khresterion: this start-up publishes decision-making support software in the medical field using artificial intelligence. The goal: to help healthcare professionals make diagnoses or make a choice of treatment for patients with diabetes or cancer.

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