[E-commerce] The information not to be missed: Etsy crosses the billion dollars, Intermarché launches the mobile coupon and Free sells its box

by bold-lichterman


The American Etsy, specializing in the sale of so-called “vintage” or handmade products, has already sold more than one billion dollars (740 million euros) of goods on its platform in October. A real performance for one of the cult startups of Sillicon Alley (based on the east coast of the United States, as opposed to Sillicon Valley in California) when it had generated for 895 million dollars (665 million dollars). ‘euros) in sales for the whole of 2012.

The company hopes to reach its best quarter with the Christmas holidays thanks to its mobile apps, which were recently updated on Apple’s AppStore and Google Play for the occasion. Chad Dickerson, CEO of Etsy, says he expects mobile to become his primary source of traffic. “Customers will start to visit the site primarily by mobile during the holiday season, or early 2014 at the latest.”

Etsy_Chad Dickerson_CEO-frenchweb

Founded in 2005, Etsy, which earns a 3.5% commission from sales and a flat rate of 20 cents per ad, has been profitable since 2009. It has over 30 million members worldwide for 20 million items spread over more than one million open shops. It revised its terms of service last October by allowing vendors to employ staff, use outside manufacturers and outsource product shipping to grow its business.