E-commerce: Quanta wants to make speed a lever of conversion

by bold-lichterman

For an e-commerce site, 100 milliseconds of excess response time is equivalent to a loss of 1% of turnover. An issue still relevant today, when we know that 90% of e-commerce sites are considered too slow by Internet users.

Several players are positioned in the niche of site performance optimization. At a time when tens of thousands of euros are spent on SEO, web marketing, etc. despite a risky ROI, there is however a conversion lever that is little taken into account: speed. The young startup Quanta tackles the phenomenon and has been developing a SaaS solution called “performance intelligence” for a year. The start-up therefore enables e-commerce players (brands, hosts and web agencies) to optimize the response speed of their sites and thus automatically increase their conversion rate.

Concretely, Quanta measures the loading time of pages via web scenarios repeated minute by minute on different pages of the site. A module allows you to scrutinize the code of sites developed under Magento, one of the main e-commerce management platforms, in great detail, with one objective: to identify the source of the slowdowns.


“Quanta attaches itself to a site and gives immediate visibility on bottlenecks. When a page takes 1 second to build, our agents feed the information back into the app. They are then aggregated so as to explain in a very visual way the time that has been spent within each functionality. It’s amazing how sometimes precious hundreds of milliseconds are lost in the execution of Magento! ” precise Roman The House, co-founder of Quanta.

These performance indicators will make it possible to evaluate the efficiency of each cog in the system and solve the problems of slowness. As for Etam, the online ready-to-wear site, which saw its sales increase by 20% thanks to the Quanta solution. For its part, the Blanc Cerise group, which publishes household linen sites, has gained 27% conversion by dividing the site’s response time by 12 and by multiplying the reception capacity by 10 without changing the infrastructure.

While the average observed by Quanta is around 8% conversion impacted by its customers (Aubade, Chopard, CitrussTV, Cop-Copine, etc.), the figures confirm the need to optimize the speed of loading pages directly at the source. Magento code. “These are 6 million euros in additional estimated cumulative turnover for our customers resulting from the speed optimizations of our tool” observes Romain Lamaison.
The solution, released a year ago, analyzes in real time and continuously no less than 250 sites published under Magento.
Unlike other tools like Fasterize or Radware which modify the HTML content of pages from the outside to relieve the user’s browser, Quanta allows you to act at the source of the problems and within the site itself, as much. at the server level and at the application level.

“We still have dozens of feature ideas in mind, but the product is ready. Our goal now is to take the entire market! ” says Romain. To convince the market precisely, the start-up has chosen a business model based on SaaS subscriptions, from 190 € / month). For the time being, the constantly changing average basket is € 6,000 / year per customer. The start-up also plans to open its API’s to all types of CMS later this year. Quanta now wants to accelerate in France and internationally and seeks to raise 1 million euros, it had collected 350,000 euros during a first fundraising at the start.
She also confides that she is in discussion with various companies offering complementary products. For now, the priority: to become the N ° 1 in performance intelligence for Magento.
Photo credit: Fotolia, royalty-free stock images, vectors and videos